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Share your Pregnancy worries with Stree

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The Womenhood
you look forward to

Stree is for women, by the women. It offers a secure, private space for women to freely express their concerns regarding health to which they can expect a verified, credible and a trustable answer  provided by health expert in her proximity.

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A conversation based design

At Stree, we value simplicity. Be it in concept or communication. Hence, our unique approach transcends into our platform design. Now you don't need to search, but just chat with us or ask for any confusion you may have about your own health. 


Easy connect with an expert

A proximity based search helps you not only find reliable expert in your locality but lets you meet with her when need arises. Why talk to someone in a faraway land?

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Understanding medical documents

Going through your medical reports, prescription could give headache to some. Send your reports to Stree and understand them word by word and be informed of everything you are going through. Isn't it amazing?

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