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Our Story

STREE is India’s first chat-based healthcare platform for women. It operates on the principle of Don’t Search, Just ask! We match the users to the right experts with whom they can chat and seek credible verified information. With our unique Vertical Community model, we ensure that the user only chats with an expert and not with another user and hence protect our users from unverified, unscientific, unsolicited advice and privacy concerns.


pregnant users

of which ~40% are active users. A very high retention number for any app 


positive pregnancy experience 

women who delivered their baby and are highly thankful for STREE's service


Cities/ towns in India

STREE users from 40+ cities chat with us daily, mostly from North India 

Cultural inhibitions & Taboos stop women from talking about sexual well-being, thereby, leaving them at the mercy of home remedies or unverified information. This puts their well-being at risk. We empower women with information and help them make the right choices and take charge of their own health.


STREE is on a mission to serve the entire spectrum of women health from Puberty to Menopause reaching more than 200 million women users through the use of technology.

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