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Best Gifts for a New Mom

There are so many wonderful gift ideas for new moms-to-be! A nice piece of jewellery or a beautiful scarf is always appreciated, but if you want to spoil her, how about a spa day? Or a gift coupon of her favourite brand? Maybe a new set of luggage for all those upcoming baby showers and visits to grandparents? Whatever you decide to gift, give it with full heart and love.

To help you, we have put together a list of gift items. Hope this will help you to further narrow down your search:

1. The Moms Co. All-Natural Complete Care Pregnancy Gift Box

Pregnancy changes the skin and it is even more important to take care of it regularly. But with the baby around, new moms tend to overlook their needs to fulfil their baby's needs. And that's understandable. But here's something that you can gift her- a toxin-free natural skincare kit so that she can take care of herself too while taking care of her baby.

2. Lulamom Baby Feeding & Nursing Multi Purpose Pillow

Breastfeeding can be very challenging and stressful for a new mom. She needs all the things necessary that make this extremely beautiful moment with the baby more comfortable. A multipurpose pillow will provide her and the baby with the right set-up. This is the ideal gift for a new mom.

3. Maternity Leggings by Bliss Club

This is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be as well as a new mom. The over-the-belly waistband supports the belly all the time. Not just that, the soft and stretchy fabric makes it the most comfortable piece of clothing during and after pregnancy. Don't think twice, this is the most blissful gift you can give a new mom.

4. Relaxing Massage Day

Once the baby is home, there is no time for salon. But that doesn't mean a new mom can't pamper herself at home. Gift her an at-home massage service and see how it makes a difference. Massage not only improves blood circulation but also helps uplift the mood, which is much needed by a new mom postpartum.

5. Monc Serenity A Baby Soother Device

Gift sent from heaven for new parents! It can be quite a task for new parents to calm their baby or put her/him to sleep. This device comes with preloaded sleep-inducing white noise which helps the baby sleep better. This can be easily attached to the baby's carrier or cradle.

I hope you will find our suggestions useful and do let us know what you finally ended up buying.

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