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Simple 5 step skincare routine for dry skin

  1. Cleanse! cleanse! cleanse! -Double cleanse method is a must for having a super clean skin before you start your skincare. Use oil to gently massage and melt the makeup, now take a soft cloth or cotton to remove the oil and makeup from your face. Wash your face with gentle cleanser/ face wash.

  2. Time to tone- Post cleansing your skin, it's time to soothe and hydrate your skin with toner. Use an alcohol free toner.

  3. Lock the moisture in with hyaluronic acid serum

  4. Let the serum settle, now use an eye cream to de-puff your under eye area.

  5. Last and most important step- moisturise and seal the super amazing hydrating products to avoid any flakiness, dull skin.

Here are some extremely loved skincare products best suited for Indian skin ( this is not a paid promotion).

  1. Cleanser- Dr. Sheth's cleanser offers great results at a very economical price. Must have!

2. Toner- Minimalist toner is all you need to set the foundation for a super hydrated skin. Go for it.

3. Serum- Loreal Revitalift with hyaluronic acid has to be your go to serum if you have dry skin.

4. Eye cream- Woke up with puffy and tired eyes? For deeply nourished and radiant under eyes, this is what you need.

5. Moisturiser- Re'equil moisturiser is the real deal to lock all the goodness of your skincare routine.

Happy healthy skin to you.

Caution- If you are planning on including any new skincare product to your routine, always do a patch test.


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