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A Veg diet chart to be used by those women who are trying to conceive pregnancy as it helps restore the hormonal balance necessary for conceiving.


Your mom and grandma told you to eat right, even before you tried to conceive. Now science is validating what women have known all along-a well balanced indian diet helps in conceiving early. This plan has the perfect collection of Indian recipes for the pre pregnancy diet.


Eat a well balanced Indian diet to help maintain reproductive health. Your body needs vitamins and nutrition to create a healthy uterine lining, which helps in conceiving early. This plan contains vital nutrients such as iodine, folic acid, Vitamin A and B6, which are important for baby’s growth.

Pre-Pregnancy Diet (Veg)

  • The diet plan is a document in a PDF format. It can be opened with any PDF viewer or browser on your phone or desktop device. 

  • Trying to conceive can be a stressful and emotional time – but not anymore! Stree has teamed up with fertility specialists, fitnes experts and dieticians to share their knowledge on how you can use your mind, body and diet to naturally support your cycle and boost your chances of early conception. By bringing you the facts on what affects your health, we will empower you to make conscious decisions that are right for you. For more information Talk to Barkha

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