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Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate management guys who are high on problem solving and executing ideas. We also have friends and families who are healthcare professionals with huge and variety of work experience in maternity and baby care. They knew the problems which are restricting healthcare accessibility by millions of Indian women. We are working on those barriers one step at a time, weaving them into a complete revolution called STREE.


Srinivas Krishna "Murthy"

  • LinkedIn

Leads tech development at Stree. Driven by logic and simplicity. Holds varied dimension of experience in developing tech products.


"Barkha" Kaul

  • LinkedIn

Leads User interactions on Stree. Driven by Passion. Provides vision to the Stree team


Yogesh "Chau"han

  • LinkedIn

Leads marketing and partnerships. Driven by new ideas. High on execution

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