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Veg diet chart  for those woman who are in their early pregnancy / 2nd/ 3rd months of pregnancy and are finding difficulty in following up their diet owing to hormonal changes. 


This pregnancy diet plan will guide you through the first three months of your pregnancy. We've included recipes that are high in folic acid, protein, iron and calcium to build a healthy foundation for the baby.


Antenatal health is very important in order to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. We do understand how difficult bringing a baby into the world can be, but keeping a few simple guidelines in mind will ensure that you stay fit at all times. Such as eating a balanced diet, getting adequate rest and more importantly staying stress-free.


1st Trimester Diet (Veg)

  • The first Trimester is an important time for a woman. During this time, she should stick to the Indian healthy food diet plan for pregnant women, which combines nutrition and balance. This Indian pregnancy diet plan helps to avoid nausea and vomiting, hair loss, and constipation and is also beneficial for the mother as well as the baby. Thus, it is essential that all expecting mothers follow this diet plan during their first trimester to enjoy a healthy period of pregnancy and after birth to care better for their child.